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Adam Knott to present papers at Prague Conference on Political Economy.

Our own Adam Knott will be presenting two papers at the Prague Conference on Political Economy, March 19-21, 2010.

The first paper is entitled “The Practice of Panarchism”. About this paper, Adam says,

“In this paper, I will first review a remarkable panarchist essay written this year by Max Borders. Then, building upon this essay, and upon my previous writings on panarchism, I will put forth my ideas on how the beginnings of panarchist society can emerge in our lifetime.”

The second paper, entitled “Ludwig von Mises and the Rational Basis for a Science of Ethics”, has this description:

“It has been claimed that Ludwig von Mises gave up the idea of a rational foundation of ethics. While this claim is true when ethics is considered a discipline that tries to provide a systematic rational for a specific set of values, this claim is not true when ethics is considered a science that studies human actions of an ethical nature; actions such as helping someone, lying to someone, coercing someone, etc. Mises, in laying the foundation of a general science of human action (praxeology), laid the foundation of a science that studies not only “economic” action–action related to market transactions–but a science that studies all forms of action, including “ethical” actions–those actions directly aimed toward another person.”

For further information:
Prague Conference on Political Economy


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