The right to choose your government.

Panarchist in the American Southwest: John Paul Mitchell

You never know what will pop up on your Google alert “panarchy” radar.
This morning the surprise comes from the blog of John Paul Mitchell called “Freedom Arizona”. Here’s what his “About” page says about him:

He’s a Doctorate student at the University of Sedona, possesses a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling Psychology, and [is] the author of the book, No More Taxes. He’s also the founder and lead instructor for LuminaryLife, a company that offers life-enhancing products and services.

Apparently, he was also running for governor of that great state, but no longer. In his blog entry “Dear Arizona”, dated 1/12/2010, he explains it this way:

I shall withdraw myself from functioning in the government driven system of fiscal slavery, upholding the essence of the voluntaryism and panarchy philosophies in my daily life.

So, little did we know that a fellow warrior (if one may call a non-violent person struggling to see panarchy realized in the political realm a warrior), yes, that one of our own was running for governor of Arizona.

Here’s to you, John Paul Mitchell: may we all see panarchy in our times!


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