The right to choose your government.

Max Borders steps up to the debate challenge.

Max Borders, you may recall, wrote the interesting series on the Thousand Nations website, describing panarchy without using the word. Well now he has stepped up to a challenge to debate innovations in governance on that site (and be sure to read the excellent comment by our own Adam Knott), only now he has planted himself firmly in the panarchist camp.


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Words of encouragement from readers

Some interesting emails received recently at Panarchy South Jersey.

SALUTE! I couldnt agree more on everything I have read thus far. Im at work and cant read everything at the moment but will when at lunch as well from home – from what I see so far, EXCELLENT! [Tony Watson]

Great website about Panarchy. FYI, INalienable rights are provided by man (aka civil rights) – UNalienable rights are provided by our Creator. “When the founders of our country began to suffer from injustices perpetrated by their own rulers in England, they stood up and declared their independence, pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. And more than this, they turned away from familiar forms of government and established their own, knowing that, as human beings, they had that INALIENABLE right. Government, after all, gets its right to govern by the consent of the people.” Obviously we want the latter. [Shari Peterson]

I did some research on Shari’s contention that there is a genuine difference in meaning between “inalienable” and “unalienable”, but I could not find anything definitive or authoritative to back it up. Black’s Law Dictionary has entries for both terms, and does reference a case where “inalienable” would mean a right that could not be alienated without that person’s consent, yet at the same time equates the words. Jefferson’s early versions of the Declaration of Independence, where this word appears, used “inalienable”, but the final published version used “unalienable”. Anyone want to weigh in on this esoteric point? As Shari says, we surely insist that this right to choose cannot be taken from us, though that is exactly what has happened.

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