The right to choose your government.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Beacon of Liberty!

My little town of Cherry Hill lives in the shadows, literally and figuratively, of the city of Philadelphia, held by many to be the American home of liberty, since it is where the Declaration of Independence was written and announced to the world. But I am challenging my town to eclipse the renown of Philadelphia by becoming the first municipality in the world to formally recognize the right of each human person to choose his government, that is, to recognize the truth of panarchy. To that effect I have put up a website, Panarchy South Jersey, giving my neighbors the opportunity to be the first to recognize this human right. I will appeal first to their sense of justice, because it is truly just to allow a person the right to choose so important a thing as their government. I will appeal to their outrage, that hundreds of millions of people in the last and previous centuries have died at the hands of their own governments because the right to choose one’s government was not widely recognized. I will appeal to their reason, to their awareness that the ability to choose one’s government, to throw off the final indignity of humanity which is monopoly government, will unleash a new era of innovation, long stifled. Election after election, the chant is for change. Real change can only come with real choice, and real choice comes with the ability to choose and reject governments person by person. So, this is my call to Cherry Hill and the beautiful communities of South Jersey: do not let this opportunity to be great pass you by. Be the first to formally recognize the human right to choose one’s government. Be the first to say yes to panarchy. It’s easier than you may think.


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Gian Piero de Bellis’s new article

Gian Piero de Bellis, who does such extraordinary work on, has completed what he calls a “brief review and personal view” of panarchy. The review includes a very fine history of the term, with interesting new tidbits of information. I highly recommend it.

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My introduction to Panarchy

Professor Michael Rozeff published a magnificent article on the site at the beginning of this year. It was entitled “Why I Am a Panarchist”. It opened up a new world for me, and many others.

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Hello world!

Let’s talk about panarchy. And let’s do something about it, too. Today we start a new site, but it is just another step in an always bumpy ride. Still, panarchy is what the world needs, and it is what people deserve to have. Let’s get started… again.

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